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House Painting & Exterior Stucco Services

The goal of Trusted Home Contractors is to help homeowners get the most out of their homes with our expert house painting and exterior stucco services. Since 1975, we have worked with customers throughout the state of California, transforming home exteriors by adding style and beauty. If you own an older home and want to improve its appearance.

Our Recent Work

Restore and Add Beauty to Your Home

With the expert house painting and exterior stucco services by Trusted Home Contractors, homeowners can breathe new life into older homes. Our highly-experienced painters have the tools, the skill, and the experience to give your home a fresh, stylish appearance. We can match existing paint colors or even help you develop a new palette to make your home into a beautiful residence that stands out in your neighborhood.

Even newer homes can benefit from a fresh coat of paint or the application of exterior stucco. This transforms the look, with contrasting siding and trim and a smooth appearance. Stucco can add another architectural dimension to the exterior of a home. Give Trusted Home Contractors a call to learn more about the many options available to you.

What House Painting & Exterior Stucco Services Do You Perform?

Trusted Home Contractors has painted many homes in our service region, and we have developed a reputation for exacting quality and customer service. Our house painting and exterior stucco services include everything needed to transform the look of your home.

When we do a project like this, our talented painters and stucco experts:

  • 01
    Prep all surfaces carefully, including sanding and/or scraping
  • 02
    Repair underlying damage that can compromise the new finishes
  • 03
    Paint siding, trim, and windo framing with care
  • 04
    Apply stucco using industry-leading techniques
  • 05
    Perform weather-sealing as needed
  • 06
    Cleanup thoroughly when the work is completed

Why Choose Trusted Home Contractors?

With four decades of combined experience, Trusted Home Contractors has been the leading choice for expert house painting and exterior stucco services in the communities around the state of California. Our highly-personalized approach means that homeowners can expect only the best from our service professionals. When we’re finished with a house painting and exterior stucco project, you’ll be thrilled at the results.


What Our Clients Says

Call Trusted Home Contractors Today!

If you have an older home in need of some help, Trusted Home Contractors is the premier provider of Home Remodeling Services in Northern and Southern California. We are ready to assist you in creating the exterior look and interior function that you will enjoy for years to come.

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